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Daughter: Out of the Dust Art :: 2010 Haiti Earthquake

:: Daughter: Out of the Dust - first painting of the out of the Dust Series based on images and emotions of the January 12, 2010 Earthquake in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti - 48" x 60" painted September 2010 Acrylics on Canvas - Japanese Kanji reads "musume" (daughter) - more exploration into the lost of identity theme also the kanji and flatness is in the style of old Japanese wood prints. A Father carries his injured daughter through a fog of white dust made up of layered paint and heavy strokes.

Note: This painting was painted on top of an older Rain Series painting because I did not have the funds for new art materials so I often paint over my old work when I feel the need to express something deep and emotional. So the rain drips of paint can still be seen that is intentional.
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An easy critique to make of this painting is that the Japanese kanji takes away from the rest of the painting the viewer is left feeling it would be have a better painting without that distraction, this was intentional and planned. I lost friends and unknown family during that earthquake and while painting this I was extremely depressed. I planned to add the kanji to say that suffering is universal and also to detach and distract the viewer from the serious emotional flow of a father carrying his injured daughter. The kanji breaks the viewer from the rest of the painting turning it into a flat thing as soon as the kanji is seen, a feeling of detachment comes to the surface. Just as the world tends to forget bad events after a short time and forget that suffering still exists not too far away. I want the world to LOOK again and feel, do not forget Haiti. Suffering still goes on. - nazaire

Haitian Island Spirit Series

A Zen Flatness...

My work is not bound by just one style, one culture, one race, or one place. I wish to explore what it means to just live simply as a human being. Not Haitian, not Black, not African, not French, not American... But simply Human. So you'll find a puzzle in my work sometimes. Why would a Haitian born painter have "Haitian Dancer" written in Japanese on a series of his paintings? I do not like to limit myself to just being one thing, one language, or one idea. I do not paint with one color, why would I limit the palette of my life to just one shade, indigo blue? I want to be able to understand and experience things I have not yet learned. I want to die knowing I tried to learn something new about an unknown culture, person, or place. I want to be inspired by it all, mixed in a mixture that is simply a human story being told through paint strokes... A Life.

On a personal level my work is not very easy to create... Getting canvas and paint is difficult to budget. So I paint a few times per year out of need, because as I said for me it is a release and those emotions are very difficult to explore. So it is but a few moments per year that I am allowed to vent the stresses of locked up creativity.  I have always been in love with vibrant and vivid colors and the emotions they can convey.  Color may be the only constant in my work, I have no personal style or common structure that combines my paintings into a unit other than the use of vivid colors seen from my childhood in Haiti and the Zen flatness inspired by the Japanese Art styles which I have grown to love, from ancient paintings, to manga and anime.  In the use of vivid color I find it helps me to overcome many hardships like the darkness of slowly going blind due to Sickle Cell Disease to the deep sadness and suffering I see and hear from the forgotten and the voiceless...  The meek... Remembered.


I am in love with two cultures... the vibes of both worlds... The speech, the words, the visual language, the humor... honor x code x values... The study of the contrast between post-war Japan and post-revolution Haiti inspires me to create a mixture of tales from both island peoples... Evolution... Challenges, rebuilding... passions... struggles... re-imagined creativity in music, art and culture. From the extremely cute to the mystically unknown magic of that voodoo. A generation lost... Trying to understand my lost of identity... So like all the instant media around me, I wish to create my own path. Without identity there is no Legacy. Just living an empty but radiant moment in child-like exploraton and need of meaning.

Visual Otaku Japan
x Radiant Child of Haiti
= Haitian Superflat!
( ハイチのスーパーフラット )

^_^ ©Nazai®e

"Haitian Dancers of Earth and Rain"
Haitian Superflat - Nazaire

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Nazaire | Artist's Bio / Resume

Updates ( download nazaire-bio-resume.pdf )

Nazaire | Bio - Resume

Hertz Nazaire was born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti on October 2, 1973 where he was raise by friends and family of his mother Yverose Nazaire who had left Haiti to find work in the United States.  Nazaire later moved to Brooklyn, New York, to live with his mother at the age of 9.  Moving soon after with his new family to Bridgeport Connecticut after she was married.

Nazaire never forgot Haiti, drawing his love of color from memories of Tap Taps seen on the streets of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti which are colorful trucks and taxis painted with murals of Haitian life and images of religious stories, the Tap Tap is the main mode of public transportation in Haiti.  Everyday drawing and creating cards and notes for his mother who enjoyed supporting his ability to draw flowers from the Caribbean island that she often missed.

His love for drawing and art was later helped along by his art teachers at Westhill High School in Stamford Connecticut where he spent much of the time enduring long hours after school in the Art Department practicing drawing and painting.  At Westhill he found his talent awarded with many early opportunity for Student Exhibitions, one being part of a student group exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art at Champion located downtown Stamford, Connecticut at the time.  This encouraged him to seek more education in the arts at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and the University of Bridgeport.

Nazaire currently resides at Read’s Artspace in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  Read’s Artspace is a large converted loft building located downtown Bridgeport that provides affordable live and work space for talented upcoming and working Artists. There he finds he can focus on learning and exploring more about the Arts and the many cultures that inspire him to paint.

In the studio Nazaire focuses on developing a pattern study of mixing both subtle and iconic imagery elements from two or more cultures into a single canvas.  He calls it “Haitian Superflat” ( ハイチのスーパーフラット )  an exploration of his feelings of lost roots and identity, also emotional struggle to escape social dogmas, labels, nationality, and race to become simply a human being expressing what he feels and sees through his life. This idea becomes the driving force behind a mixture of Haitian and Japanese elements into his paintings.

Nazaire’s other focus are on creating design and space on his website dedicated to improving the image of Haiti on the web and providing a new community through the use of a new social network platform where Haitians can share their arts and culture with the world.  Nazaire also continues to work in health advocacy as a speaker for Sickle Cell Disease Pain awareness.  His Sickle Cell Series continues to be a significant feature in medical books and other media publications relating to the subjects of Sickle Cell Disease or Chronic Pain.

While Nazaire struggles with the pain and challenges of Sickle Cell Disease which has cause his vision to fail over the years the frustration of slowly going blind has encourage him to appreciate the process of painting with a deeper purpose.  His current series of paintings deals with themes and images of the Earthquake in Haiti and life that comes after such a tragic event.

You can find more information on Hertz Nazaire and videos of his art process by visiting haiti.fm or kreyol.com on the web.

Hertz Nazaire :: Artist’s Resume


As an Artist I have a strong desire to observe and understand the world around me and truly look at what being human means and finding the common things we share as people. I seek to share the little moments of life from different viewpoints and cultures hopefully to find and to show that we are not so different afterall.

:: Selected Solo Exhibitions:

Art of Nazaire @ “Blessed are the Meek”

Harlem, NY December 7 - 21, 2011

In Recognition and Observance of Black History Month - AAAC Presents Artist: Hertz Nazaire [ naz ]  

AAAC* (*African-American Affairs Commission) 2011 Concourse Exhibit - State Capitol / LOB

Hartford, CT - February 1 - 14, 2011

"Color Through Life" - Art of Hertz Nazaire

Purdue Pharmaceuticals L.P in Wilson, NC - January, 2004

"Color Through Life" - Art of Hertz Nazaire

The P.F. Laboratories Inc. in Totowa, NJ - November, 2003

Art of Nazaire @ 31st annual convention of Sickle Cell Disease Association of America Inc.

Beverly Hilton Hotel - Beverly Hills, CA - September 24 - 27, 2003

"Color Through Life" - Art of Hertz Nazaire

Purdue Pharma Headquarters - Purdue Plaza Level - Stamford, CT - July 15 - September 12, 2003

Sickle Cell PAINtings @ "Red, Black and a Splash of White Gala"

Stamford Sheraton Hotel, Stamford, CT - September 27, 2002

Sickle Cell PAINtings - Art of Hertz Nazaire @ SCDAA / NHLBI Joint Sickle Cell Convention

Washington Hilton and Towers Hotel, Washington DC, September 2002

Art of Nazaire @ "Juneteenth Jazz Bath" - Rich Forum, Stamford, CT - June 2001

“Sickle Cell Pain Series” Art of Nazaire @

The National Sickle Cell Disease Program - NHLBI/NIH 25th Annual Meeting

Plaza Hotel, New York, NY - April 13 - 17, 2001

“Hope - Sickle Cell Pain Series” Art of Nazaire

Montefiore Medical Center, Moses Division: Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center, Bronx, NY - 1997 through 2001

“Hope” - Sickle Cell Art @ SCDAA - Little Rock, AR - September, 1997

:: Selected Group Exhibitions:

The E.G.O (Everything Gothic & Outrageous) Exhibit

The Ground Floor Gallery - Read’s Artspace Bridgeport, CT - October 27, 2011 - January 10, 2012

BLOOM Exhibit @ The Ground Floor Gallery - Read’s Artspace Bridgeport, CT - June 10 - August, 2011

UBS* Multicultural Art Exhibitions - (*Union Bank of Switzerland)

UBS  Art Exhibition and Multicultural Fair - June 21 and 28, 2005

Location 1 - Art Exhibition on June 21st, UBS Corporate Headquarters - 677 Washington Boulevard, Stamford, CT

Location 2 - Art Exhibition and Multicultural Fair on June 28th, UBS in New York - 299 Park Avenue, NYC

Sterling Market Lofts Gallery – Reads Artspace Bridgeport’s Grand Opening Show

Bridgeport, CT, June 1 - 5, 2005

16 Art of Nazaire Paintings @ "Ties that Bind: A Tapestry of Cultural Connections"

Presented by Picture That, LLC, Fairfield County, Connecticut's 2005 African American Art Exhibition

Location 1 - Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Gallery - The Rich Forum - Stamford, CT - January 16 - March 1, 2005

Location 2 - Sackler Gallery - The Palace Theater 61 - Stamford, CT - January 16 - March 1, 2005

Location 3 - Cendant Mobility Headquarters Gallery - Cendant Mobility, Danbury, CT - February 1 - March 1, 2005

Location 4 - Great Hall Gallery - The Westport Library - Westport, CT - February 1 - 28, 2005

“Echoes of our Ancestors” Axelle Gallery - Cruising Into History / Haiti 2004 Initiative

Brooklyn, NY - May 10, 2003

Artspace, City-Wide Open Studios New Haven, CT – October, 2002

CTE South End Community Center, Stamford CT – Group Exhibit - 1998

*Whitney Museum of American Art at Champion, Stamford, CT (*student exhibition) - 1992

:: Contact info: Hertz Nazaire | nazaire@gmail.com

– find more information online: nazaire.info / sendacanvas.com

1042 Broad Street - Loft 407 Bridgeport, CT 06604 | Twitter follow @NazHz @haitifm

O--('.'o) = muuhh -  cute anime - kawaii >_< hat

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