Nazaire at New Eden - EVE Online

I tried a little of EVE in 2009 but had some computer issues getting a new macbook in a few months but since there are cool stuff going on in EVE right now started my new toon in May 2013. Meet my new pilot Smiles and Cries: (trainging training training!) Click Here for a Free 21 day pass for EVE Online

This is my Orange head Indigo alt a little older than her sister Smiles and Cries. Trading some loot. I am designing Smiles to be my main toon when her core training is done in a few months.

Due to the lost of vision I have struggled with for many years now because of Sickle Cell Disease my right eye is pretty much blind so I wanted this character to have the same kinds of issues. EVE is REAL like that lol. But I did not have to make her an ugly dude… not sure I need a male main… most of my heroes are women that is what you will find in my paintings so you'll find it in EVE.

I spent some AUR and ISK to get the look I wanted for Smiles.

well cannot change much after that.

Ships are pretty much all you will see in EVE so this is kinda useless to spend time on unless you are a visual artist then you really cannot help it but to mold your model into something different from others.

can't take any credit for how great this looks all the assests are already provided by CCP designers you just have to put the pieces together to create the look you want.

Maybe I'll paint a few large paintings based on Smiles and Cries my EVE pilot. I just really dig this look could make a nice painting subject. Project idea for when I can afford the supplies.

Yes this will go on a large canvas the next time I paint a series it will be based on this pilot.

She had one good eye like me but why keep her back.

that is the look I want… done

May 2013 - Smiles and Cries on EVE Online

Be back in a few months when the exploring on EVE Online really starts.

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Hertz Nazaire :: was born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti and lived there for 10 years until he moved to Brooklyn, New York. Nazaire has formal training in fine art and design at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut, but remembers finding his love for his craft during his years at Westhill High School in Stamford, Connecticut where there was a strong Haitian community at the time. He has exhibited nationally including New York, Washington D.C., Fort Lauderdale / Miami, Florida, Houston, Texas, and Beverly Hills, California.

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